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Cancer-Fighting Heroes Walk Among San Francisco Giants

kids with cancer enjoy a night in triples alley san francisco giantsOn Saturday, July 26th four amazing children – Olivia, Andrew, Ryan, and Brody – chose to attend a San Francisco Giants baseball game. For each of these kids, battling cancer has taken over much of their young lives. However, for one day Team Endure to Cure was able to provide a much-needed diversion from the walls of hospitals and seemingly endless treatments.

Andrew loves the Giants, Olivia and Ryan love the game, and Brody excitedly told us his favorite player is Buster Posey. These four, along with family members, got to take their enthusiasm for the game of baseball and their favorite team to the AT&T Park where they entered through a private, line-free entrance.

We were all treated to a welcoming food buffet, and then led onto the field to watch batting practice. Once on the field the kids were also welcomed by the players, and by the end of practice each child left with a game ball – or in Ryan’s case – 3 game balls!

After batting practice we were able to walk across the field to our section in the stands where we had an amazing view to watch the game. Even though the Giants lost to the Dodgers, everyone seemed to enjoy the day and the small miracle of forgetting for at least a short time about cancer. For Andrew this day meant a “nice break from his brain radiation treatments,” and for Ryan it was a “little fun and normalcy.” For Brody this day and the stadium was a place to feel “a part of something normal, like he is not an outcast.” And Olivia’s dad told us that for her the ballgame was “the highlight of our summer which we have spent mostly at home or in the hospital.” Real small miracles truly are the moments when children battling cancer and their families can experience the simple and “normal” activities like summertime baseball games. We are so proud that we were able to be a part of these memories for these families.


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