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Small Miracles Program

Our Small Miracles Program helps children bridge the scary abyss between their cancer diagnosis and their cure by fulfilling some of their simplest requests. These small yet ever-so-important requests usually result in major emotional boosts, which provide an immeasurable impact on their quest towards a cure. These Small Miracles are open to any child through the age of 18 undergoing pediatric cancer treatment.

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Travel for Treatment Assistance Program

Our Travel for Treatment Assistance Program helps families with travel costs associated with their child’s cancer treatment. Many families do not live near hospitals with the ability to treat children with cancer. In fact, nearly 60% of children diagnosed with cancer must travel over 50 miles to get to their nearest oncologist. And unlike the direct costs of cancer treatments which are insurable or able to be financed, costs such as transportation to and from treatments must be incurred immediately and directly out-of-pocket, which often puts great strain on many families. We help qualifying families by funding the various expenses associated with the travel to their child’s treatment such as food, airfare, car rentals, gasoline, lodging, etc.

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