Endure to Cure is a non-profit organization that brings emotional boosts to children in cancer treatment and provides a helping hand to their families.

Every year nearly 15,000 kids will learn they have cancer while another 30,000 are already in treatment. The road from that cancer diagnosis to a cure is not easy.And while finding a cure for cancer is always the ultimate goal in the fight, it takes time. Given the healthcare system and the subsequent turmoil of navigating the insurance industry — which is only compounded by the heart wrenching feeling of helplessness when trying to care for a child — we realize that a cure usually feels distant and empty.

Endure to Cure’s goal is to be a source of hope, joy, and excitement for the 45,000+ brave kids fighting cancer and their family members. We fulfill this objective by providing kid-centered gifts, or by providing a helping hand to their families which keep their spirits up and hope alive.

We provide a platform for people who want to make an immediate impact for these kids and families.